Walkspan Maps Out Walkability of Manhattan Neighborhoods

If you have ever been curious about the walkability of your neighborhood or if choosing a spot to visit is a grueling decision, Walkspan can help you out.

Although there are areas in Manhattan that are obviously more walkable than others, it can be difficult to choose between certain neighborhoods without knowing all their pros and cons. For example, Chinatown and Greenwich Village are both well-known neighborhoods that people like to visit. However, in terms of walkability, they are definitely not on par with one another. Although both areas have vibrant streets filled with shops and easy access to public transit, Greenwich Village has more aesthetically pleasing buildings and the sidewalks are lined with trees and plants. On the other hand, Chinatown has more interesting shops and places to visit. With Walkspan’s Walkability Profiles for Manhattan, you can see exactly what each neighborhood has to offer and if it matches your needs at that moment. This is just one of the many examples of how Walkspan can help with the decision-making process when it comes to choosing where you want to go.

Walkspan’s sidewalk scoring system uses nine different walkability categories when measuring how walkable a block is. We gather and analyze urban and environmental open source data and enter it into our sidewalk scoring system. The system then generates information about the quality of the sidewalks, giving each block a score. Using our methodology, we are able to give a more accurate overall walkability score to each neighborhood while also finding out what areas need improvement. With the Walkability Profiles, you can see exactly where a neighborhood excels in comparison to any other Manhattan neighborhood.

We also have maps available for each neighborhood and you can see, specifically, which blocks are more walkable. So if you’re ever wandering around and want to see if there’s a more walkable street close by, you can check them out. There’s also the option to check out our webviewer that shows the walkability of all of Manhattan. (Hint hint: we will be releasing an app that will allow users to do the same, so be on the lookout!)