Walkspan App Makes Promising Impression at Walk21 Conference


Our Walkspan Layer App got a shout out from overseas. After a successful Walkspan App presentation at the Walk21 Conference in Hong Kong, Dr. Bernardita Calinao was interviewed by a journalist from The Standard, the most widely circulated English newspaper in the city. The article highlights the app’s features, how it can provide a more enjoyable walking route for pedestrians worldwide, starting in New York City, and plans for the future.

The motive behind the app is to “change people’s mindset on walking in the community,” said Dr. Calinao, “You want to enjoy from point to point. Maybe you lose a minute or two, but you would enjoy more.” The app, which is set to be launched in six months, covers several neighborhoods in New York City. Since the Walkspan Layer App presentation received positive remarks at the Walk21 Conference, the app may be adopted in Hong Kong to add a more “human touch” to walking, according to Dr. Calinao.