Walkspan Has Officially Released Their App (Available only on iOS)

Walkspan has finally unveiled their new walkability app that will help residents and tourists alike find their way to more walkable areas.

The Walkspan app puts the ability to heighten your walking experience in your hands. If you are a member of the walking generation or a baby boomer finding your way in the city, this prototype app will enhance the quality of your life by providing a visual map that helps you walk in spaces that meet your walking criteria.

With 10 different color-coded maps showing the most to least walkable sidewalks, you will find blocks that are better suited to your needs. Looking for a block that has benches, use the Comfort Layer. Wondering if you should turn left or right to find a restaurant or shop, use the Utility Layer. Whether you are on the hunt for a new restaurant, doing an errand, walking for fitness, or simply getting to the subway, the Walkspan app has you covered.

The app also has a search feature where you can type in your destination and it will pinpoint it for you. Once you find your destination on the map, you can use any of the layers available and visually see which blocks are more walkable than others.

As of now, the app is available for Manhattan only, but other major US cities will be available soon. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and requires iOS 9.3 or later. To download and check out the app, click here.


– Geolocation to pinpoint where you are
– Search to show your destination
– Drop down list of Manhattan neighborhoods
– Walkability layers classified by beauty, utility, safety, comfort, access, vibrance, interest and legibility
– Toggle between Standard and Satellite maps
– 3D Effect