What is Walkspan?

Walkspan™ is a data-driven and location intelligence technology firm dedicated to the experience of walking.



To advance walkability globally by building the largest public realm database and by creating technologies and services for walking aimed at extending human health, reducing our carbon footprint, expanding the local economy and enriching community engagement.


Core Areas

Our walkability technologies enhance the human experience in the following areas



A real estate API to empower homebuyers in finding  neighborhoods that meet their walking criteria. Learn more.

Health Tech

Platform that personalizes walking routes through a health wearable platform. Learn more.

Smart Cities

Our microscale assessment tool facilitates placemaking for smart city planning and design. Learn more.


Wayfinding Apps that map routes based on walkability preferences while considering minimum travel time. Learn more.

But the beauty is in the walking – we are betrayed by destinations.
— Gwyn Thomas

Walkability Constructs



Micromobility Portal Session at Smart Cities New York 2019 Conference

On May 15th, our COO and Senior GIS Specialist, Mary Bracho, participated in the Micromobility Portal session at the 3rd Annual Smart Cities New York conference. Founding members of the Urbantech NYC:The Grid namely Shared Studios, World Economic Forum, DART Technologies and Walkspan connected with others in Los Angeles, California for a very special interactive experience.

Beyond Safety: Regulating the Dimensions of Walkability

The multi-sectoral benefits of walking on health, carbon footprint reduction, growth of local economies, community engagement and smart city development have received widespread recognition in recent years. 

"We the people" should own the streets of our future!

People and quality of life must be at the core of every smart city and autonomous transportation planning. A panel presentation on the Future of Mobility held early this month at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in Manhattan, New York, was a conversation about autonomous vehicles, smart cities, social equity and the public realm.

Greetings from Walkspan

A data-driven and location intelligence technology firm dedicated to the experience of walking.


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