Walkspan™ is a data-driven and location intelligence technology firm dedicated to the experience of walking
Our Mission
To advance walkability globally by building the largest public realm database and by creating technologies and services for walking aimed at extending human health, reducing our carbon footprint, expanding the local economy and enriching the community.
Walkability Dimensions
Natural Beauty
Manmade Beauty
Social Equity
Walkspan Tech
Smart Cities
Navigational Apps
Walkspan™ creates wayfinding Apps where instead of shortest distance, the App finds routes based on walkability preferences while considering minimum travel time.
Wayfinding Kiosk
Smart Cities
2-Dimensional Sidewalk Assessment Methodology (2DSAM)
Microscale Study of Pysical Aspects of the Walking Environment
Study of the Community Perception
Patent Pending Methodology
Fitbit Online Mock-up
Personalizes routes through a health wearable platform pleasant and safe for walking as a preventive measure for obesity and other related chronic illnesses.
"But the beauty is in the walking - we are betrayed by destinations."
- Gwyn Thomas
who we are
Bernardita Calinao
Roger D'Aquino
Marie Rusin
Jamie Cifuentes
Ceren Yasaroglu
Mary Bracho
Ron House
Andrei Radulescu
Bernardita Calinao, PhD
Founder and CEO
Bernardita has more than fifteen years of executive and environmental planning experience in the US and abroad. She received her doctoral degree in Environmental Planning from the State University of New York where she was also a United Nations Fellow. She has successfully managed environmental teams and directed numerous multidisciplinary environmental studies for enginerring projects in the transportation and energy sectors. Her current passion toward increasing walkability to improve human health, the economy and the environment prompted the creation of new technologies for the public realm.
Roger D'Aquino
Chief Financial Officer
Roger D'Aquino has over eight years of private financial consulting experience where he successfully managed more than 50 million dollar assets for his clients. As CFO for Walkspan™, he oversees its annual budget and all financial management, transactions, and negotiations.
Marie Rusin
COO and GIS Specialist
Marie Rusin has always been passionate about nature, the urban environment, and cartography. She graduated from Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (Belgium) with a Master's degree in environmental engineering. Marie's responsibilities at Walkspan™ include the treatment, the conversion, and the analysis of geographic and non-geographic data. Her past experience includes raising public awareness, GIS training, and participating in projects for the protection, management, and restoration of forests and natural areas.
Jamie Cifuentes
Writer/ Data Manager
Jamie Cifuentes received her B.A. in Writing from Ithaca College. Her past experiences include working as an Editorial Intern for PCMag.com and Nerdy with Children, writing and managing her own blog site, and working in the Clinical department at MELA Sciences, Inc. Jamie is the Social Media/Data Manager at Walkspan×. She is in charge of updating the company website, posting on media netwroks, research, and blog writing.
Ceren Yasaroglu
Chief Designer
Ceren holds a dual degree in architecture and interior architecture. She has worked in the field since she graduated from Istanbul Technical University in 2013. While studying and establishing her company, Ceren realized her conceptual priorities as a designer and focued on living space identity and human well-being. Ceren is always trying to find ways to integrate architectural and urban spaces together to deepen the experience of living in the city and develop social and physical activity. In the team of Walkspan™, she has been working on marketing and conceptual development process as a designer.
Mary Bracho
Senior Data Analyst
Mary Bracho holds a strong interest in highlighting the relationship/ connection between human activity and the build and natural environment. Mary received her B.A. in Ecosystems and Human Impact as well as an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Science from Stony Brook University. She has worked in the field on a NASA-ROSES Land-Cover and Land-Use Change (LCLUC) research proejct in Sajama National Park, Oruro, Bolivia. Having a multidisciplinary background, Mary serves as Senior Data Analyst in charge of data analytics and GIS tasks for the Walkspan Group.
Ron House
Ron is an experienced software developer with a demonstrated history in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in JavaScript frameworks, particulary Vue.js, Vehicles Routing Problem (VRP) Applications, Alteryx, Geographical Information Systems, Data Analytics, Leadership, and Web Application Development. He is a strong entrepreneurship professional with a BS focused in Architectural Engineering from Kansas State University.
Andrei Radulescu
Andrei is a front- and back-end software developer in the Kansas City area. He has a Masters in Computer Science from University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and has experience on a wide range of projects. Andrei builds the front-ends of websites in JavaScript, Angular, and HTML5, and also builds the back-end sever infrastructure to support them. He is focused on delivering solutions to challgening problems across the software stack.
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